This will be the official BIG list of everything related to the NORAC Field Day 2014. Rather than create multiple emails, news posts, calendar items, etc. This will hopefully be the ONLY source of reliable info that you can come to over and over and see the updates.

I (Aaren - VA7AEJ) will keep this article going, add, revise, and manage the information. I volunteered as the Field Day Coordinator for this year and will do my best to organize and share information with the club and the NORAC directors up to and including the Field Day weekend.

Dates & Schedule

  • NORAC Club Meeting & Field Day Planning Meeting, Thursday June 19th. Regular meeting time and location.
  • Setup Friday June 27th. Starting after 5:00pm (0:00 UTC)
  • Field Day Event - Saturday June 28th - Sunday June 29th
  • Pot Luck Supper - Starting at 4pm on Saturday June 28th 
  • Teardown Sunday June 29th after 2pm (21:00 UTC).

Contact Information

  • Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • I monitor VE7RSS as often as I can, try calling me there.
  • My home number is (250) 547-9672 (with voicemail)
  • My personal cell is (250) 308-1543 (phone, text, voicemail)


  • Cranky - Insurance - Bob VE7EZI
  • Cranky - Transport - Truck required with hitch and 2" ball - Bob VE7EZI & Ralph Olds VA7NU
  • Cranky - Setup and Teardown - (David VA7SZ Organizer and Aaren, Bob, Murray, Nicholas)
  • Large Site Generator & Fuel - Gerard VE7NOC has donated use of his. Bob and Nicholas will be helpers for loading and unloading
  • Wire Antenna - 80m OCF Dipole - Rob VA7RMM
  • Station #1 - Club Yaesu FT990 - Rob VA7RMM
  • Logging - Rob VA7RMM will provide a laptop with HRD logger.
  • Contest Points Submission - Rob VA7RMM 
  • Shelter - Aaren VA7AEJ – AJ pop-up tent, RV with canopy, tarps & fiberglass poles.
  • Station Supplies - Tables, chairs, and plywood for solid flooring. Headphones, clipboards and pen's, etc. - Bob VE7EZI
  • Saturday Afternoon/Evening PotLuck - Muriel VE7EGB
  • Extra Points - Aaren VA7AEJ will scrutinize the contest rules and look for extra activities that they can organize and complete for bonus points in the contest
  • Official Photographer – David VA7SZ


  • Our host is Ralph Olds VA7NU
  • Location #3789 Murray Drive, Armstrong BC.
  • Info about the site has been posted in other articles on the site already (including photos).
  • Last year the focus was a public location and trying to attract the public. This year we are opting for a private location and an event that's open to club members and guests only.
  • RV's and camping is welcome, please contact Aaren for info on the site and so he can check with Ralph if it's ok.


  • 24 Hour ARRL Field Day Contest
  • BBQ & Beer - Friday evening for setup crew.
  • Club Potluck Dinner & Social - Saturday for the entire club and family.
  • Camp fire, music, anyone play any suitable instruments, anyone wanna provide recorded music via boombox or otherwise?
  • Radio Projects? Anyone have any ideas... Last year Ron VA7VW demo'd satellite contacts and helped the club digipeat a message off the ISS. Maybe we can build something, host a swap meet table? Ideas?

Saturday Social & Supper

It is hoped that this event be seen as an opportunity for a pleasant summer get-together for Hams (the winter get-together being the Christmas gathering)

  • Volunteer Organizer - Muriel VE7EGB
  • Scheduled start time is approx 4:00pm on the Saturday
  • Bring your own meat.
  • Bring your own drinks/beverages
  • Bring your own seating
  • Bring one salad, or one dessert for the potluck
  • Because of the anticipated diversity of preferences, bring your own meat (it has been done before), and steak –knife, if you bring steak.
  • Ralph has a big BBQ on his deck, hopefully one of the RV's in attendance might also have a second one.
  • Everyone attending should bring a salad (any kind) or desert (any kind) – whatever is your favorite
  • Dinner buns and butter: Watty
  • Condiments: Ralph
  • Misc. Items: Muriel : paper plates, paper cups, sturdy plastic cutlery, plastic table cover, paper towels, garbage bags. Coffee, tea, Coffee-Mate, and sweeteners
  • Bob VE7EZI is prepared to bring his guitar and copies of "oldies" music for some 'round –the-campfire sing-alongs after the BBQ. Any-one with a musical instrument is invited to bring them along to add to the fun.

Contest Schedule

Pick a couple timeslots and contact Aaren to sign-up.

Work in pairs for some company and help with the logging.

Contest rules state no equipment setup should begin before 0:00 UTC 

  1. 1.11am - 12noon (1800 UTC- VA7AEJ & VE7XNY 
  2. 2.12noon - 1pm - VA7AEJ & VE7XNY
  3. 3.1pm - 2pm
  4. 4.2pm - 3pm
  5. 5.3pm - 4pm
  6. 6.4pm - 5pm
  7. 7.5pm - 6pm
  8. 8.6pm - 7pm
  9. 9.7pm - 8pm
  10. 10.8pm - 9pm
  11. 11.9pm - 10pm
  12. 12.10pm - 11pm
  13. 13.11pm - 12midnight
  14. 14.12midnight - 1am
  15. 15.1am - 2am
  16. 16.2am - 3am
  17. 17.3am - 4am
  18. 18.4am - 5am
  19. 19.5am - 6am
  20. 20.6am - 7am
  21. 21.7am - 8am
  22. 22.8am - 9am- VA7AEJ & VE7XNY
  23. 23.9am - 10am- VA7AEJ & VE7XNY
  24. 24.10am - 11am
  25. 25.11am - 12noon
  26. 26.12noon - 1pm
  27. 27.1pm - 2pm (2100 UTC End)