June 27-28, 2020

Jane VE7WWJ and Mike VE7KPZ once again went roving for another radio event. The QTH is a place of QRM - there's no better place to play radio than in the woods.

The event was ARRL Field Day 2020. The plan was to run in the 1BB class, battery/solar powered QRP to get some bonus points and a really big power multiplier. This would be the team's first time operating QRP, but more on that later.

Terrace Mountain had always intrigued us, staring at us from across the lake from our QTH in Vernon so we decided to explore the area. Lorne VE7LWK had once recounted a great story of taking his quad to the top of the mountain. If he could get there on a quad, so could we in a 7 metric ton Unimog, right?

The adventure started Thursday afternoon, South on Westside Road to just past La Casa and then into the Bear Creek OHV area from the Northeast.

The trails were fun and just passable for the big truck. Several good radio spots were marked with waypoints in the GPS but we continued on to the Bear Creek OHV recreation site to spend the night there all alone but for the mosquitos.

Friday was another day of exploring. A potential site to operate from was Dua Lipa Lake just to the West of (behind) Terrace Mountain. But we really wanted to bag the Terrace Mountain peak.