Posted by Aaren VA7AEJ on behalf of Evan VE7GE.

Former NORAC member Evan (VE7GE) is out of the hobby now.

Evan has a place down Westside Road on Okanagan lake and has a small light-duty tower that is looking for a new home.

There are two sections of the tower about 10-15 feet long, so overall it will be 20-30' total.

He also has a support bracket for the eaves of your house or building.

The tower is already down and stored next to his shed, I grabbed a quick picture of the exposed section when I was there last, see below.

When I spoke with Evan he didn't give me a strong sense of if he wanted to sell it, make a donation for NORAC, or just give it away. 

Please call Evan to get the exact details of the tower and discuss it with him

Evan  250-545-6487

Please notify Aaren VA7AEj to take down this ad if a deals been worked out.