June 24, 2021

Jake VE7WEA put in some sweat equity this week to remove the wheels from Cranky, NORAC's affectionately-named towable crank-up tower trailer, and take them to the tire shop for some new rubber. The existing tires were loooong overdue for replacement. With the new tires installed and the wheels re-attached, this makes Cranky towable again.

Outstanding is the replacement of the spare tire. The spare tire's wheel was extremely rusted to the mount... so several applications of Deep Creep penetrating lubricant will be applied and hopefully we can remove the spare and replace it's rubber soon.

Cranky will be towed up to Island Lake for a review of it's operation. We will further assess what maintenance, tweaks and repairs will need to be made to get Cranky all skookum again.

Cranky has been sitting for many years, only being used in situ once a year for Field Day, and the last couple of those have been skipped due to covid. At minimum, we'll need to lubricate the cabling, etc... and maybe a wheel bearing grease repack. We will get Cranky ready for emergency radio support again.

Thanks Jake for your hours of effort to get Cranky towable again. It will great be to see Cranky utilized at future events, wherever they may be... and available again for portable emergency service.

Also thanks to Jerome VE7JAR who will has been doing a further assessment of Cranky (lightbulbs, brakes, hubs) in prep for a tow up to the lake this weekend.

If you are intetested in helping setup/check/repair/maintain Cranky, please join us on Friday evening up at Island Lake.

FYI and 73,
NORAC Vice President and Technical Coordinator