[VHF/UHF] Local & Regional


Weekly Club Net

  • Sunday Morning 10am - VE7RSS Repeater (146.880-)
  • Repeater Location - Silver Star Mountain

Weekly Newcomer/Tech Net

  • Monday Evening 8pm - VE7RSS Repeater (146.880-)
  • Repeater Location - Silver Star Mountain
  • This net operates during the winter months only (5 months per year - November thru March).

Salmon Arm

  • Sunday Evening 8pm - VE7RNH Repeater (146.760-)
  • Repeater Location - Granite Peak in the Fly Hills


  • Wednesday Evening 7:30 PM - VE7ROC Repeater (146.820-)
  • Repeater Location - Little White Mountain
  • and then at 8 PM QSY for HTs to VE7HOL Repeater (146.680- T88.5)
  • Repeater Location - Dilworth Mountain


  • Tuesday Evening 7:30pm - 144.200 USB


  • Sunday Morning 9am - VE7OKN Repeater (146.920-)
  • Repeater Location - Apex Mountain


  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday Evening 8pm - Net Controller Ed (VE7HMP)
  • This Net Covers A Wide Area Using Linked Repeaters
  • North Okanagan Residents Monitor SIRG Linked VE7RNR Repeater (147.060+) To Check-In


[VHF/UHF] National

WIRES-X Weekly Cross Canada Net in the CQ-CANADA-VE1AO Room #40678

  • Wednesday Evening 6 PM Pacific - WIRES-X room number 40678
  • Repeater Location - VE7EGO UHF on the Commonage. Tune to that repeater frequency with a C4FM-capable radio in digital mode and id when asked for stations in our area. This is a semi-directed net.

MNWIS Fusion Technical Net in WIRES-X Room #21493

  • Monday Evening 5:30 PM Pacific - WIRES-X room number 21493
  • Repeater Location - VE7EGO UHF on the Commonage. Tune to that repeater frequency with a C4FM-capable radio in digital mode. Net control may be reached at net at HamOperator dot com to submit questions, announcements, or comments.


[HF] Regional & National

BC Public Service Net

  • Daily at 01:30 UTC (6:30 pm Pacific time during the summer months / 5:30pm Pacific in the winter months)
  • 3729 kHz (80m band)
  • North Okanagan communities (Vernon, Armstrong, Enderby, Lumby, etc.) are part of the nets Eastern Region.
  • The regions (North, East, South, Islands, Alberta & East, USA) are rotated daily with a schedule published online at http://www.bcpsn.com/

BC Amateur Radio Awareness Net

  • Mondays at 03:30 UTC (7:30 pm Pacific)
  • 3729 kHz (80m band) follows the BC Public Service Net