[VHF/UHF] Local & Regional


Weekly Club Net

  • Sunday Morning 10am - VE7RSS Repeater (146.880-)
  • Repeater Location - Silver Star Mountain


Weekly Newcomer/Tech Net

  • Wednesday Evening 8pm - VE7RSS Repeater (146.880-)
  • Repeater Location - Silver Star Mountain
  • Note: On some occasions we may move to the Commonage repeater VE7EGO to operate on VHF or UHF in digital modes. Any such move would be advertised ahead of time so everyone is aware.


Salmon Arm

  • Sunday Evening 8pm - VE7RNH Repeater (146.760-)
  • Repeater Location - Granite Peak in the Fly Hills


  • Tuesday Evening 7:30pm - VE7ROC Repeater (146.820-)
  • Repeater Location - Little White Mountain


  • Sunday Morning 9am - VE7OKN Repeater (146.920-)
  • Repeater Location - Apex Mountain


  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday Evening 8pm - Net Controller Ed (VE7HMP)
  • This Net Covers A Wide Area Using Linked Repeaters
  • North Okanagan Residents Monitor SIRG Linked VE7RNR Repeater (147.060+) To Check-In

[HF] Regional & National

BC Public Service Net

  • Daily at 01:30 UTC (6:30 pm Pacific time during the summer months / 5:30pm Pacific in the winter months)
  • 3729 kHz (80m band)
  • North Okanagan communities (Vernon, Armstrong, Enderby, Lumby, etc.) are part of the nets Eastern Region.
  • The regions (North, East, South, Islands, Alberta & East, USA) are rotated daily with a schedule published online at http://www.bcpsn.com/

BC Amateur Radio Awareness Net

  • Mondays at 03:30 UTC (7:30 pm Pacific)
  • 3729 kHz (80m band) follows the BC Public Service Net