Thursday, December 17th is our next scheduled NORAC club meeting.

But this won't be a real meeting. This will be the virtual seasonal party and awards night (with the top honour being HOTY (Ham Of The Year)).

Grab a cold (or warm) drink and cozy up to your computer screen to celebrate the year with us.


The event will be held online using Skype.

For more information and to get set up and ready to attend, please review this news article.

73 and hope to see you virtually,
NORAC Executive



RAC Canada Winter Contest 2020
Contest Period: 0000 UTC to 2359 UTC December 19, 2020. 

New “Rookie” Subcategory and Sponsors for the RAC Contests

For immediate release:

Radio Amateurs of Canada is pleased to announce the creation of a new “Rookie” subcategory for both the RAC Canada Day Contest and the RAC Canada Winter Contest.

In December each year, Radio Amateurs of Canada sponsors the RAC Canada Winter Contest. Amateurs all over the world are invited to participate. 

The global pandemic will most likely still be a fact of life on Saturday, December 19 when the RAC Canada Winter Contest takes place and we want to make sure that everyone participates safely. The RAC Contest Committee is therefore asking all participants to follow the guidelines provided by the government and health officials in your respective area for any of the multi-op categories enabled within the contest. If you do carry out an operation in any of the multi-op categories, please advise as part of your log submission that you have followed your locally applicable guidelines for group sizes and social (physical) distancing. 

New “Rookie Plaque”

The new “Rookie Plaque” will be sponsored by RadioSport Manitoba and the Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club and will begin with this year’s RAC Canada Winter Contest which will be held on Saturday, December 19.

“Rookie” is defined as a single operator who was first licensed as a Radio Amateur less than 36 calendar months (three years) before the date of the contest being entered in this subcategory. Any level of Amateur Radio licence available from the licensing jurisdiction qualifies for the subcategory.

The participating licensed Amateur is required to self-declare their eligibility, but the RAC Contest Management Committee reserves the right to request proof of eligibility to assist in resolving any disputes.

Eligible Categories for the Rookie Plaque:

Participants are eligible for the new Rookie Plaque in the following categories. Note: only one plaque is available across the three categories designated below.
  • Single Operator All Band Low Power (SOABLP)
  • Single Operator All Band High Power (SOABHP)
  • Single Operator All Band QRP Power (SOABQRP)

Qualification for the Rookie Overlay Category: 

Any Single Operator All Band entrant, in the categories noted above, who meets the Rookie requirements will need to select or enter the Rookie category by adding a new “Category-Overlay: Rookie line” in the Cabrillo log file header. You may need to manually enter this line if the logging software you use does not support this category overlay.

In addition, entrants will need to indicate the date they were first licensed by adding a comment with that information in a “Soapbox:” field in the Cabrillo header. An example would be: “Soapbox: First licensed in January of 2019.”

Rookie participants will still qualify for the plaques in the three eligible categories should they receive the highest score in one of those categories. Previous rookie winners are ineligible for an additional Rookie Plaque in future contests.

RAC Cabrillo Guidelines:

As indicated above, as part of the contest rules update around the new Rookie subcategory we have updated the RAC Contest Cabrillo Guidelines document to reflect these changes. Specifically there is now a Category-Overlay field in the specifications with the expected input to be “Rookie”.

We hope that contest software authors will be able to update their software to include these changes. Until that time, contesters will have to manually enter the following line in their Cabrillo log: “Category-Overlay: Rookie” if they qualify as a rookie and wish to compete for this new plaque.

We have also aligned our Cabrillo document to update to all the current Cabrillo specifications to the published standards that apply to our contests based on the 2020 publication of the V3 standards.

The updated document is available for download at:

As a resident of British Columbia, Canada, if you are at all interested in HF contesting, or love it when people want to talk to you, consider participating in the BC QSO Party this year.

Last year, Kevin VE7XY, Mike VE7KPZ and Jane VE7WWJ experienced the fun firsthand. Check out their event report here. Kevin picked a gorgeous roving location to operate and the pics were so good that they were featured in ARRL's National Contesting Journal publication.

The BC QSO Party event is put on by Orca DX Contest Club. You can find the rules for the event here:

The schedule for this year's event is very civilized (no overnight required):

February 6-7, 2020
Two Segments:
1. Starts 1600z Saturday, Feb. 6 -- Ends 0359z Sunday, Feb. 7 (effectively 8 AM - 8 PM local time)
2. Starts 1600z Sunday -- Ends 2359z Sunday, Feb. 7 (effectively 8 AM to 4 PM local time)

Make sure your 80m setup is tuned up as one of the primary goals of the event is to QSO with others in BC.

Also, brush up on your 42 BC electoral districts ahead of time. If you call out and get responses from British Columbians who are new to the event, you'll be helping figure out what electoral district they are in.

And then, obviously, know your own district so you are ready for the exchange with all of the local and international participants who want to QSO with you.

If you have any questions about the event, the BC QSO Party coordinator is Rebecca VA7BEC. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are thinking about doing a roving setup and want to run your plan by someone, shoot This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. an email.

Hope to hear you on the air,
NORAC Vice-President, Technical Coordinator and planned 2021 roving BCQP participant




Please visit for full details.

Hope to work you during the event,