North Okanagan Radio Amateur Club is the local organization supporting our community of Amateur Radio enthusiasts.


Radio Amateurs of Canada represent all Canadian Amateurs at all levels of government. Speaking on behalf of Canadian Radio Amateurs, RAC provides liaison with government agencies and carries the Amateur voice about regulatory and spectrum issues to the discussion table with government and industry leaders, nationally and internationally. RAC is also the Canadian voting member society of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU).


RAC Affiliated Club (Why we as a club support RAC)

NORAC is a RAC Affiliated Club. The RAC Affiliated Club Program provides an opportunity for Canadian Amateur Radio Clubs to provide support to their national Amateur Radio association, Radio Amateurs of Canada. The program provides valuable services and benefits that enhance the Amateur Radio experience for the affiliated club’s members.

Benefits of Affiliation

There are a number of important services and benefits which RAC makes available to affiliated Amateur Radio clubs like NORAC:

  • RAC Affiliated Club Insurance Program
  • Use of the RAC National QSL Bureau
  • A paper copy of The Canadian Amateur magazine (NORAC sends our copies to our local public library)
  • Availability of the VE~RAC call signs to the club for participation in RAC events and contests.
  • Access to the RAC Youth Education Program
  • Tower and Antenna Restrictions. Support for clubs facing access and covenant problems such as tower access, neighbour/landlord problems, etc.
  • Recognition of the Club’s Affiliate status on the RAC website
  • Access to the RAC website
  • Access to the RAC Section and National Bulletins
  • ARES, NTS, Official Observer and Official Bulletin Station programs


Individual RAC Membership (Why you as an individual should support RAC)

 In addition to the many intangible benefits, individual RAC members also enjoy tangible benefits including:

  • The Canadian Amateur (TCA) magazine: available in personal print and digital formats
  • Two annual RAC contests: RAC Canada Day Contest and RAC Canada Winter Contest
  • RAC Operating Awards
  • Affiliated Club Program
  • Affiliated Club Liability Insurance Program
  • QSL Bureau System
  • Youth Education Program
  • RAC Scholarship and Grant Program
  • Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame
  • RAC Amateur of the Year
  • RAC Field Organization
  • RAC Certified Emergency Coordinator Program
  • RAC website 


RAC Insurance Program (Why we encourage our members to join both)

What is the RAC Affiliated Club Insurance Program?
The RAC Affiliated Club Insurance Program is an extra-cost service made available to RAC Affiliated clubs as a benefit of affiliation through the RAC Affiliated Club Program. It provides NORAC with comprehensive liability coverage to protect against liability claims arising from accidents or damage incurred during normal club activities. Liability coverage is often requested by external groups.

The RAC Insurance Program operates on a not-for-profit, cost-recovery basis. Fees collected cover the costs of the insurance provided by the insurer; administrative costs associated with the program are absorbed by RAC and are paid for by RAC members’ membership fees.

Clubs participating in the RAC Affiliated Club Insurance Program can also purchase equipment loss/damage insurance coverage for club radio equipment such as repeaters and club stations, allowing them to recoup losses in the event of physical damage to any equipment covered.

All members of a radio club, whether RAC members or not, will be covered for club activities should their radio club choose to participate in the insurance program. Participants in club activities hosted by a radio club are also insured against liability during those activities in the event of accidents or damage, even if they themselves are not club members.

There is an additional feature, however, for active RAC members of an Affiliated Club that is insured under the RAC Affiliated Club Insurance Program: they will also receive the same liability coverage for their own individual Amateur Radio activities at no cost. This individual coverage is limited to RAC members only, but it is automatic and requires no additional applications by individuals.

The fees for this liability and loss/damage insurance coverage are substantially below the cost of comparable insurance available on the open market. It is RAC's hope, by continuing to offer this program, that they extend insurance coverage to a greater number of radio clubs in Canada, at rates which are more affordable than other privately-offered alternatives. To be eligible for the insurance, a radio club must be incorporated and affiliated with the Radio Amateurs of Canada.

Program Description and Coverages

Affiliated Club Coverage (What NORAC gets from our RAC Insurance)

A Canadian Amateur Radio Club that is officially Affiliated with the Radio Amateurs of Canada can apply to participate in the Affiliated Club’s Insurance Policy issued to RAC by AON Risk Management.

The major element of the program is Commercial General Liability insurance providing coverage of $5,000,000 per occurrence with a $1,000 deductible for normal radio club activities such as club meetings, Field Day, club repeater installations, public events and demonstrations. A smaller element of the club insurance covers several types of financial crime such as computer fraud, forgery, counterfeiting and theft. Depending on the nature of the crime, the insurance covers the club’s loss to a maximum of $10,000 or $50,000 with no deductible.

To be eligible for Affiliated Club insurance coverage, a radio club must be incorporated and also be a RAC Affiliated Club. Club insurance is offered at extra cost, as a benefit of being a RAC Affiliated Club.
The cost for coverage is based on a fixed annual registration fee, plus a fee per club member and a surcharge per club member who is not a current member of RAC. Additional charges may apply for clubs undertaking activities that are considered beyond the scope of normal radio club activities. Liability coverage does not provide any loss, theft or damage coverage for equipment.

Note the surcharge to NORAC for every non-RAC member is around $13 per person per year. Compared to $1 for a RAC member. With 60+ members of NORAC, having a lot of non-RAC members in our group can heavily impact our insurance costs each yet. The best way to reduce this expense on our small local club is to be both a NORAC and RAC member at the same time.


RAC Member Coverage (What you get as a dual paid RAC & NORAC member)

Members of RAC, who are also a member of an insured Affiliated Club (NORAC) as a club participating in the RAC Affiliated Club Insurance Program – you will automatically, and at no additional cost, obtain liability coverage for your personal Amateur Radio activities. This provides the same levels of protection ($5 million limit per occurrence) as the Affiliated Club insurance but for your personal station and activities, mobile and portable operation subject to a few conditions. Personal insurance does not cover damage to the member’s home or that of a person also insured under the program.

To be eligible for personal liability coverage, you must be both a current RAC member and a member of NORAC (an insured RAC Affiliated Club). RAC members who are not also members of an insured Affiliated Club are not eligible for individual coverage. There is, unfortunately, no option for an individual who is not part of a participating club to receive individual liability coverage at this time.

Liability coverage is offered at no extra cost to qualifying members, as a benefit of membership.
You must be a paid up member of both RAC and NORAC (the RAC-insured Affiliated Club) to be covered.
This coverage is strictly for Liability; at the moment there is no equivalent option of Loss/Damage coverage for an individual’s personal radio equipment.



Yes, maintaining two memberships can cost upwards of $100 per year as an individual. But we feel strongly as a club that our members should benefit from all the features and protections offered by dual membership in RAC and NORAC. Supporting both the local, national, and even international offerings of Amateur Radio. By taking advantage of all the club and individual insurance offered, and keeping our club costs down so the majority of your local membership fees go to local advancements in equipment and technology, and not year-to-year costs like insurance and bills.

To further our strong encouragement for you to be both NORAC and RAC members at the same time, NORAC is looking at a possible update to our membership rate structure so being a RAC member will save you money on your NORAC membership via a discount/rebate at the time of renewal. [coming soon...]