Great news!   The upgrade of VE7RSS using a Kenwood Nexedge 710 repeater, kindly donated by JVCKenwood Canada Inc.,  and a new RLC4 controller purchased by the club was completed on 21 October 2023.


The installation proceeded smoothly and a huge shout of thanks to Wilf Mulder VE7OHM who did the lion's share of the work, including a test run of the repeater at VE7EIY's QTH, construction of the link cable between the controller and the repeater and lead the installation and provided the expertise!  Thanks also to the President of JVCKenwood Canada for the donation of the spanking new Kenwood Nexedge 710 repeater.  Initial reports from the test QSO's on Saturday afternoon of audio quality were very positive.


Thanks are also due, in no special order, to


Terry VE7TRZ for his work on programming the controller

Lorne VE7LWK for coordinating the whole upgrade project and upgrading the 12v supply wiring

Paul VE7KWA and Cary VA7MXY for helping out behind the scenes

Michal VE7MHX and Alex VE7NOC for helping out on installation day


Another shout out to SilverStar Mountain Resort and operations director Brad Baker for their wonderful support of NORAC and our repeater installation.   A ski patroller was on site for the day in case we needed help and the building and the access gate were unlocked for us for access.  We were lent a patrol radio for the day in case we needed assistance and patrol even turned on the heat in the summit shack the afternoon before to warm it up for us.   Thank you SilverStar.


As for me, I get the award for getting lost despite skiing at the Star for about 4 days a week through the season.  Lorne will verify I managed to take a wrong turn both going up and going down the mountain .....


73 Ritchie VA7RLX