Are you looking to test out your amateur radio operator skills in service of the public? If so, there's a great event coming up soon where you can do just that.

The Cherry Blossom Triathlon is happening May 5, 2019. They are looking for hams to provide emergency radio support as well as pass traffic on the leaders in each class.

Geoff Dawson VE7WAT/VE7HGD of OCARC is organizing the volunteers this year and will also act as net control for the event.

Comms will be handled via the Kuipers Peak VE7HWY 145.250 MHz 88.5 Hz repeater (with the option of simplex use as well). With a repeater used, operators can likely run their HTs on low power setting and have reliable communications all morning.

The race runs from 7:45 AM to around 12 noon on May 5 in the Kelowna area so operators will need to get up early to meet up with Geoff for the radio meeting and position assignments at 7 AM.

The event needs a minimum of 8-10 hams to run it. 12 operators is ideal. With so many new basic certificate graduates, it might be possible to double up at some locations - a newbie with an Elmer. This low-key but actual-traffic event makes for a great learning experience.

Please let Geoff know if you can attend. Geoff can be contacted via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can have a QSO with him via one of the many Kelowna repeaters.

Lastly, for the new hams, please ensure that your HT has Kuipers as well as the other Kelowna repeater frequencies and simplex frequencies programmed in. Test out the repeaters beforehand so that you know your CTCSS setup is correct. Of course, you can scramble to set up your radio on the day, but a little prep in this area will make you a much more valuable team member.

FYI and 73,
NORAC Vice-President 2017-2019