With the successful completion of the spring NORAC Basic Qualification course, it is my honour to welcome our newest hams and soon-to-be NORAC members.

VE7TCS Trevor Sproule - Basic
VA7KXS Christoph Blecker - Honours
VY1GGG Steve Kinoshita - Honours
VE7HLL Andrew Hilland - Honours
VE7ZFS Josiah Palmer - Honours
VE7PXS Peter Sidorczuk - Honours

VE7XCX Trevor Cook - Honours`

VA7GBT Walter Naten - Honours


If you see them in person or hear them on the radio, please welcome them to our wonderful hobby!


There will be another group of people testing later in April.

I would also like to extend my deepest gratitude for everyone that stepped up to help and teach, administer the exam, take care of the laptop, projector and setup the room, or even just to sit in during the course and help out with discussions.

I appreciate you all!