Hi All,

I love APRS.

In the North Okanagan we have a great APRS digipeater atop Silverstar mountain, but historically there have been no local IGates. For our local APRS traffic to get to/from the internet, it had to go though Kelowna, Kamloops or iGates well north of us, usually going through another digipeater, using up valuable hops.

A little background: IGates gate RF APRS traffic into and out of the APRS-IS network (via the internet). This facility not only enables sites like aprs.fi and aprsdirect.com to show positional and telemetry data, but also facilitates features like SMS gating and email gating.

After waiting a little bit too long one day when doing some APRS message testing, I decided to setup a IGate for Vernon. I chose a Microsat WX3in1 Plus 2.0 device for the brains of the system. Some might say that software modems like Direwolf on a Raspberry Pi are where it's at today, however, these Microsat "solutions" are very well reviewed, are quite reliable as they are optimized exclusively for APRS, and show packet decoding results among the best for hardware and software TNCs.

I hooked the Microsat up to an Icom IC-2300H radio. This radio is quite robust with mil spec ratings and a TCXO. It can easily run 65 watts TX for the APRS iGate all day long without a fan.