We are doing a trip to the VE7EGO repeater site on the Commonage West.

This will be a snowshoe trip leaving from the Emmanuel Baptist Church parking lot at 1PM on Sunday, January 19, 2020.

So far we have Jerome VE7JAR, Jake VE7WEA and Mike VE7KPZ in the work party.

We plan to inspect the DR-2X repeaters and the PiEGO and reset them/confirm their function after the extended period of extreme cold that we've had recently.

Terry VE7TRZ will be working remotely and will SSH into the PiEGO once we have it reset on site and back online.

Bring your backcountry snow shovels as we'll need to dig ourselves into the shack.

Snowshoes are a must for this approx 5-6 km round trip with a fair bit of elevation gain.

From the meet up location, we'll all load into the Unimog and park it in the snowbank by the start of the trail into the site.

Tune to VE7RSS for communications leading up to the event.

Please join us,
NORAC vice-president 2017-2020, technical committee lead and snowshoe trekker